Nantucket’s TownPool Pop Up Shop







Rustic, casual, time-worn, authentic . . . TownPool.

If you made it to Nantucket this summer, chances are you went to TownPool.  If you went to TownPool, chances are you fell in love and connected with them socially.  If you connected with them socially, chances are you look forward to their daily, benevolent, beauty- inspired images of Nantucket posted via FaceBook and Instagram.  All of this was me, so when I learned that they would be doing a pop up shop in Faneuil Hall (December only) I was thrilled.

I discovered them this summer when post sunrise, I meandered through the town shops on the docks off of Main Street.  A brief peek in their windows revealed  something I had never seen before.  Were those ‘wealthy ancestor antiques’ splayed with ‘beach chic’ clothing?  A true East meets West of the US aesthetic?  They weren’t opened yet to see first hand, but that was not going to stop me from visiting this ingeniousness.

Cross marketing with this epithet through social networks has worked well for them.  Not only have they effectively discovered how to transport you to beautiful, relaxing Nantucket in your mind every time you put on your TownPool item, they are also the island’s strongest digital network having six times the followers than any other Nantucket establishment.   When I learned through Instagram that they would be in Boston, I sped out at the first opportunity to check them out.

At their Faneuil Hall pop up shop this past week I learned that their antiques were for sale too (yes!)  They partnered with antique store Gather of Ivoryton, CT to showcase their product (again with the ingeniousness.)  TownPool’s products include clothing items from brands such as Collared Greens,  Smathers and Branson, Faherty, and Cortland Park Cashmere.

– Serendipitous Side Notes – I have been to Gather in Ivoryton, CT several times with my mom, even bought my first born’s first hand made sweater there as a matter of fact.  It is also in my parents’ hometown of Essex, CT where those beautiful sweaters are from.  Well I never. . .

I was hoping to leave with a TownPool logo t-shirt or the like, but they didn’t have any – yet.  They did have an antique screen print with a Nantucket logo on it (think wall decor) so I bought that instead – huge score.

Lastly, if you are a lover of Nantucket, head to their pop up shop this Saturday night for a get together with like minded ACK lovers.  Details to be posted via TownPool’s Instagram account so follow along and swim in the TownPool Love.










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