Taking a Break 

When your father offers to watch the boys and the family guinea pig last minute you toss a peace sign and then book a room at The Break in Narragansett, RI.

I may live on the North Shore but I am a true South Shore girl at heart and recharging my battery happens best when traipsing around the south east corner of MA and ALL of coastal RI.

RI was where we’d day trip to local beaches, where my family kept our sail boat and where my sister and I fulfilled Del’s lemonade pregnancy cravings.

Lark hotels opened The Break summer of 2015. And a bitter March weekend getaway aligned nicely with The Break’s 90 degree outdoor pool too.  Snow squalls in a steam bath anyone?

An ocean view and top decor greeted us upon entering our room. Of all the details in the space I was stuck most on the dandelion yellow lacquer shower wall with matching sink.  I couldn’t stop staring at it (or touching it).  I also loved how the green light followed by the fan turned on when walking into the bathroom.  Every time.
We weren’t the only couple at The Break this weekend, many had the same idea. Visit Narragansett in March when it’s not so peopley (it’s an introvert thing) and sit by the fire while reading The Times or doing your homework.

As soon as we left sleepy Narragansett traffic abounded from Newport all the way back through Boston.  Which only made us want to turn right around and go straight back.

Narragansett often. Lark Hotels always.  South Shore girl forever.
Cheers and Enjoy,


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