The Mills at Pulaski St. Antiques


A recent pop into my friend’s modern mid century store FOUND at The Mills at Pulaski St. Antiques in Peadbody, MA blew my mind and made my day tripping to Portland, ME in search of unique antique vendors a thing of the past (phew.)

The Mills at Pulaski St. are packed with case goods, upholstery, outdoor furniture, jewelry, vintage clothing and so much more.  Four floors and two buildings worth of vendors leaves many a rainy weekday or weekend stroll fulfilled.

Buddha statue for your yoga studio? Check.

Vintage dress for the Crane’s Estate ‘Roaring 20’s’ soiree in Ipswich?  Check.

Vinyl records for your weekend DJ’ing hobby?  Check. (Vinyl is back and in full effect.)

Retro bamboo patio furniture because you just can’t do another second of teak?  Check.

Beaded clutch for upcoming summer evenings?  Check.

Upholstery classes even?  Check.

Swing by when able and do check out my friend Hannah’s space FOUND for all your modern mid century needs.


Cheers and Enjoy,



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