TAG’s 50th Celebration of Truman Capote’s “Party of the Century”

  In November 1966 Truman Capote celebrated the release of his smash hit In Cold Blood and threw a little dance for 540 of his nearest, dearest friends . . . Those who were invited were dubbed “The Chosen People” and included everyone from Audrey Hepburn to the great Jackie O. Every moment made and … [Read more…]

Salem’s New Notch Brewery and Tap Room

Salem's New Notch Brewery and Tap Room

​​“Salem is and always has been an industrial city” stated Notch Brewery’s founder Chris Lohring during our morning chat. He continues with the confidence only a third generation Salem native can, “People comment on why it can’t have more charm, but it is and always has been industrial.” I started to look around me at … [Read more…]

Conscious Hospitality at SoHo’s 11Howard 

I was a little awestruck when I approached SoHo’s 11Howard, the newly opened Aby Rosen hotel in NY. There was still a downtown street corner with edge to it?  I had thought 9/11 safety requirements and Carrie Bradshaw admirers had replaced ‘divy yet authentic’ with those ‘living-the-celebrity-life-they-so-deserved.’  But what did I know?  I did not … [Read more…]

Experience The Kennebunkport Inn and be American Royal

Old world elegance, modern decor and white glove service is what you can expect while dining at The Kennebunkport Inn.  Whether you’re booking a birthday celebration, a quiet dinner or a weekend stay, your time at The Kennebunkport Inn will be american royal.  Who doesn’t like that?  I could be exaggerating a bit but take a peek at Chef … [Read more…]



Last night I hosted a Fit Shop for San Diego based, women’s athletic ware company GRACEDBYGRIT.  GRACEDBYGRIT specializes in flattering workout gear for running and water sports, therefore I thought their product perfect for my coastal, North Shore town. Year round I see people walking, running, biking and sailing here in Marblehead (charmingly enough even with the family dog.) … [Read more…]