St. John (few words because well, pictures)

IMG_6791IMG_6727IMG_6905Winter break brought us to St. John in the Caribbean just in time to escape some sub below temps back home.  I was picked up at the ferry by Mark from SeaView Homes where he drove me out to Chocolate Hole with my husband and the boys in tow.  The entire drive Mark was impressively pointing out attraction after activity after necessity until we wound through the roads and landed at our VRBO rental Villa Splendor.

The home was provisioned upon our arrival, music to my grocery-getting-stay-at-home-mom ears (Pst! future stay at home moms, vacation with the kids when not prepared can feel like work with chaos just in a beautiful setting.)

Villa Splendor recently went through a gut renovation allowing us to be the second visitors to stay there since the remodel.  Everything, even down to the plush beach towels, was new.  There were two downstairs bedrooms with king size beds and full baths and a third bedroom up a flight of spiral staircases.  A wide open kitchen to a family living space and 180 ocean views beyond invited us week long. The pool was the game changer for our family with a sensory seeking child.  It was equipped with waterfall, hot tub and colored lights that lit up the pool at night.  IMG_5516IMG_5192IMG_6747IMG_5156IMG_5125IMG_5157IMG_5149IMG_5248

It’s no secret that I am a fan of nature and open space and teaching my kids to fall in love with it is a big part of how I raise them – always (those that fall in love with nature will protect the Earth.)   St. John is mostly protected nature preserve and you can sense that even while up in the homes in the mountains.  So a beach lover’s paradise it was for us where snorkeling became a daily delight.  A parenting highlight was when I encouraged Kai to dive down to get close-ish to a sea turtle (after teaching him how to blow out his snorkel.)  I watched him dive and swim down with the sunlight sparkling on his body, when he got within a few feet he looked at me through his mask and his eyes were huge with delight.  We swam up to the surface together where he did a fist pump and cried “That was awesome!”  Welcome to your natural high Kai.  “Can I do it again?”  #Yep

The food on St. John was delicious too.  Who knew my boys would sit through and enjoy an entire tapas meal?  We also enjoyed a late afternoon/sunset sail on the Kekoa.  And I cannot say it enough.  Sail with your family and sail often, on a large enough boat where you can sit together at the bow.  Unity happens, stories are told and memories are forever embedded.



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    Is getting groceries hard for you? Everyone in America gets groceries LOL! What else do you do? Hope you didn’t have to work hard on vacation or have to get any groceries lol. Thx 4 sharing on insta.

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