TAG’s 50th Celebration of Truman Capote’s “Party of the Century”

In November 1966 Truman Capote celebrated the release of his smash hit In Cold Blood and threw a little dance for 540 of his nearest, dearest friends . . .

Those who were invited were dubbed “The Chosen People” and included everyone from Audrey Hepburn to the great Jackie O. Every moment made and every word spoken by guests ranging from Frank Sinatra to Andy Warhol were reported to the world by journalists from Vogue to the New York Times. Everyone who was anyone gathered together at the summons of the one and only Truman Capote.

The guests wore black and white, masks were mandatory, the champagne flowed all night, the Peter Duchin Orchestra played jazz standards, breakfast was served at midnight, and it went down in history as the Party of the Century.*

This past Friday night TAG, A Table for Artists to Gather, celebrated the 50th anniversary of “The Party of the Century” at The Taj Boston ballroom. 

TAG is about bringing people together to enjoy the art that can be found in all things, whether it be music, theatre, food, science, or philosophy. So in a nutshell celebrating culture, creativity and intelligence through tastefully planned events. There isn’t any other way I would like to spend to a Friday night.

I soon learned that artists, when given a night to shine, do not disappoint. An impromptu piano soiree broke out at the baby grand and people that could actually sing gathered round. Likewise on the dance floor, talented swing dancers danced to the live swing band. My favorite part was seeing the guests that dressed up as some of the original “Chosen People.”  Like her –

 She is the 17 year girl that snuck into the ball uninvited only later to be discovered by a Vogue editor. Soon thereafter this ball bandits’ look inspired fashion icon Twiggy.

I channeled this chosen person, Candice Bergen.

Beaufont hairstyles, period dress, eleaborate masks, even Andy Warhol was there. 

I never did get to speak to the man with antlers on his head (bummer) but I was swirled on the dance floor and after a very tough week, a night with friends for TAG is why my smile finally came back. 

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Cheers and Enjoy,
*Per TAG’s Black and White Ball invite

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