IMG_6064IMG_6065IMG_6066Last night I hosted a Fit Shop for San Diego based, women’s athletic ware company GRACEDBYGRIT.  GRACEDBYGRIT specializes in flattering workout gear for running and water sports, therefore I thought their product perfect for my coastal, North Shore town. Year round I see people walking, running, biking and sailing here in Marblehead (charmingly enough even with the family dog.)  We layer up and we layer down to make outdoor exercise happen here.  I am also on a mission to bring a taste of California to New England and GRACEDBYGRIT is the start.  But shhhhh, don’t tell anyone.  Colonial-esque/european influence?  We love that here.  Laid-back-chill californian?  *gasp and clutch the pearls*  This one could take time.

While Sarah Andersen assisted us with product purchases, we were also lucky to have CEO Kimberly Caccavo join us to speak about the ‘girl power’ message behind her brand:

“(Business partner Kate Nowlan and I) had to come up with a name. We had each experienced a major life event that forced us to learn what we were truly made of. Every woman has a gritty moment that could make or break her. Every woman has experienced hardship and troubled times. It is how we make it through those moments that define us. It’s realizing that grit is often what gives us grace. We have both been GRACEDBYGRIT.”

“Grit that gives us grace” and “a moment that could make or break her,” I love this message.  And isn’t it true?  One moment you were tear-soaked-cheek-rubbing-against-carpet crying and you get over it.  That dance in your step?  It returns. Your smile does too, but this time with an extra sparkle in your eye because you just gained more life experience.

Soulful message aside, GRACEDBYGRIT’S products are made from top quality italian fabrics and manufactured here in the US.  The quality is noticeable by site and touch but the flattering figure you have once in GRACEDBYGRIT clothing is ultimately why you buy them. IMG_6067IMG_6062

So grab your fleece-lined “Baby It’s Cold Outside” leggings because there’s still a chill in the air here, and your “Every Wear” top because you will look fabulous in it, and get outside to exercise California style.


For Chelsea,


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