M. Flynn Jewelry in Boston’s South End


IMG_4735A tipping point has occurred and it is now the creative’s time to shine. I still remember the moment I first realized it. I was an admissions assistant at the MIT Sloan School of Management where it was my job to print, sort, file, enter data, pull for interview, enter data, pull for round two, enter data etc., all the hundreds of applications that came to us globally each year. The department had the job down to a science and each fall another stellar class of 350 or so like-minded and fabulous students would enter Sloan’s doors. Like minded and stellar and fabulous not withstanding, there was also Moria Flynns’ application.

Moria had aspirations to expand her jewelry business and base it out of Boston. I read her app once and then twice and then for a moment time-stood-still. Here was a woman applying with an angle I hadn’t yet seen (but I had only been at the job for two years.) She was using her artistic strengths combined with her creativity to seek business education. Would she get in? Would her business be a success? If the admissions department could see the value that her artistry combined with her intelligence brought to the table then yes. Yes to both. And if it was yes to both then we would have just had a quantitative focused, world renowned, educational institution believe in the creative minded individual. (Tipping point topped.)

Moria was accepted and entered Sloan the year I moved on to start my family and although I had popped into M. Flynn Jewelry once years ago I was eager to see how M. Flynn Jewlery was doing today. Were they still making beautiful custom pieces in their posh South End store? This past week I set to find out.

I sat down with Megan (Moria’s big sister and business partner) to get the ins and outs and whereabouts of both costume and fine jewelry “Flynn sister” style. It has been 6 years plus and M. Flynn Jewelry is successfully continuing to pursue their passion of offering customizable pieces for their clients. Gorgeous one of kind engangement and eternity bands (of course) but also personalized, heart-felt pieces such as a bangle with a birthstone for several loved ones and the engraving of a deceased grandfather’s writing in his custom prose.

The customizable portion of their business is growing as people continue to enter M. Flynn Jewelry with coveted stones or inherited pieces that they entrust Megan and Moria to customize for them. Moria starts the design process on her computer with CAD and then the project moves on to Megan who is finishing up her GG, Graduate Gemologist degree from the GIA. This degree enables her to appropriately appraise stones and assist you with stone selection.

The piece then moves onto a mold and cast designer where it is ultimately set. The process can take as little as 3 weeks if all decisions are ready at the get-go but can take signifacanly longer too. So head in now with your grandmother’s diamond ring or great aunt’s cocktail jewelry you were always hoping to do something with and get your creations started if you desire the piece by the holidays.

M. Flynn Jewelry has the philosophy that women today like to layer their jewelry, combining expensive and inexpensive pieces alike. Their showroom is curated as such. Costume jewelry from the famed Alan Anderson is available as are higher end pieces from their Gates and Page Sargisson collections. All pieces sold at M. Flynn Jewelry have a delicate, classic simplicity that reflects a sophistication and refinement of their clientele.

As for new ventures, M. Flynn has taken over a bit more square footage where they now can offer pop up opportunities to local talent. They have currently partnered with New York Times best selling author Erin Gates (blogger of famed http://www.elementsofstyleblog.com ) where not only has she designed a custom jewelry line for M. Flynn, she has also staged a room full of her recent product designs now through the holiday season. It’s a bit like seeing a museum display, except you can take it all in and buy it all up so please prioritize a visit soon.

PS. Tis the season, I will always want to be a SWIM member for Halloween ;)


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