Epitomizing Grace at 69 Pleasant St. Marblehead


There is a certain grace found in classical architecture with its pure geometry and simple form.   It is also not often that you find neoclassical buildings in Marblehead, MA.  Which is why every time I drive past 69 Pleasant St. (or hit the BofA ATM opposite) I pause and take in the white columned Hooper estate.

It was quite a feat for John Hooper to build this home for his blushing bride in the 1830’s and even more so for its current owners Joe and Misty Wykes to restore it to its original state in 2010.  Bilateral symmetry, what happens on the left is mirrored on the right, and 14′ ceilings greet you upon entering their home.  The result is balance and awe.


​But there is a twist found in the decor of 69 Pleasant St.  The aesthetic is glamorous.  A glamour that feels curated by someone that knows Palm Beach, prefers LA and has mastered London.

Their home also houses abstract artwork done by Misty herself.  Her work can be found in local galleries, The Merchant Hotel in Salem and on women’s yoga pants.  Wait, what?  Yes.  Misty has fabricated her artwork into a product line of yoga pants which can be purchased at MistyB.com.2017-06-19 00.31.11

It also must be said, when I write about places and things to do that’s one thing, but when I write about people it’s a whole other.  I put myself aside for the time that I am with them to absorb, well, them. A funny thing happens after their nerves have past and their guard is finally down, I meet their true magnificence.  We all have one, we all usually hide it too.   When I feel I’ve caught it I head home and write.

So while there is so much more I want to write about Misty, I am respecting an unspoken request to graciously say little.  She prefers to remain working hard on her product line, family and home and not be praised.  She knows “anything good in life takes hard work.”

Misty’s home with its classical elegance mirrors the refinement of movement found within her, true grace.

Cheers and Enjoy,


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