Kittery Canoodling in Kittery, ME

Twice a year my husband and I dedicate a night of shopping to the Kittery Outlets in Kittery, Maine.  We hire a sitter from 5:30pm -10:30pm and drive an hour north on a Saturday night (traffic-free even in summer.)  Discussing our outlet game plan en route, we list off our most needed items and plot our shopping time accordingly (most outlets close by 8pm.)  Shoes here, mens suit there, oh, don’t forget COUCH over there.


With my family still asleep I quickly shot the photos in my guest suite bath this a.m.  In hopes not to wake the sleeping babes I am patting myself on the back for rocking the stone tile background from the shower floor for Mark’s finds – tweed jacket, new dress shoes and brightly colored socks.   Mark insisted it’s on trend to sport swagger in your socks while at work .  Although the above socks are striped not solid, they still allot for what I am coining as “sockspression.”



I made out well myself with a zebra belt, a pair of $110 shoes for $29 and camo pants for the boys.  A summer sweater for a super sale price brought smiles.  We scoped out the clearance furniture at Crate and Barrel and although passed on them, there are fabulous outdoor furniture pieces for those in need.





Dinner is usually at a local favorite eatery in Portsmouth, NH but we decided to check out downtown Kittery instead.   A quick Yelp search yielded The Black Birch Restaurant.  I had recently read an article in Maine. magazine on the stellar food and scene here.   The food and scene was rightly raved about, but head’s up.  The signage and store front are very on the down low (adds to the cool factor) and you will likely drive right by.


Friendly Tip –  When you pass the DOO hair salon with the red neon sign on the right, keep your eyes peeled for a 1970’s era building (think blah architecture with cement blocks).   Better yet, look for the post office that is closed for the day.  It is not closed nor a post office, that’s The Black Birch!



Back to family time.  The boys woke up recently and I just found them downstairs quietly hanging out (awww.)   I have a fondness for being with my sleepy sweet peas first thing in the morning so signing off.










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