Fall Nesting Brings Home Decor Besting

The nesting indoors of the fall has brought home decor needs to the forefront in my mind and has me going through my previous taken photos for color inspiration.  As far back as holding buttercups under friend’s chins I remember feeling color and it is often where I start when designing a room.

For instance, in the below mess I see Fall 2016’s Runway trend.

– Roasted Pepper Red with Soapstone Countertop Green colorways

– Fox hunt motif clothing, tall leather boots and plaid, wool ponchos.



A Helly Hansen kids coat (it seems to have gone missing on the internet since) had my oldest’s bedroom theme written all over it.   Thankfully, I found the same sea glass hues, hot lava red and midnight blue in the shots below.  This color story accented perfectly with the white shutters already in his room.

– Wall color mint

– Kai’s bed to stay midnight blue

– Paint an eye level stripe around the room in road flare red

– Upholstered bean bag chair in sail material piped in this same hot lava red

– Potted beach grass plants would kill it for his room.  Must confirm if you can do that indoors.





Beautiful juniper berry shot from this summer!  Also my youngest’s bedroom color story.

-Pull out the greens in an army camo motif wallpaper accent wall

– Light blue pillows with an army man silhouette painted on it

– Pull out the brown in a faux owl throw on white bedding







I have a whole house to do that we built two years ago, and now finally focusing on the next level of design details.  Color is a feeling to me, inspirational and maybe even a 6th sense.



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