Fall Floral

Two things happened to me last week.


1- As I passed by the window, it took me a long pause to decipher what the brown thing was laying on my pachysandra.  I jumped when I realized what it was…a leaf!


2- Last Saturday while walking with my sister on a private beach in Newport I swore we chanced upon Martha Stewart.  I brushed it off as her doppelganger until out of earshot my sister gasp, “Be classy, it’s Martha!”


We never knew for sure, but a quick Google search revealed it happened to be her birthday week and that she has an upcoming speaking engagement in Newport.  For the sheer thrill of it I am telling myself it was.  My brief Martha encounter led to a quick viewing of her site which led to the inspiration to do a  Fall Floral (apples and all.)  Happy Fall, or as I like to say, New England’s time to shine.




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