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There is not much time left where my boys will be interested in a weekend getaway with their parents (and no technology) to a humble cabin on Squam Lake.  I know this as much as I know the sensory engrossment nature brings may not engage them for much longer.  Friends and activities will reign over family time soon enough but until then I have now, and now I will show them the fabulosity that fall is.

On the first morning I woke to hearing “Oooooooh!” and a few moments later the wrestling of a doorknob.  I scrambled out of bed and met a sockless 6 year old that had locked himself out on the porch trying to get that much closer to see the sunrise.   “Would you like to join me in watching the sunrise mom?” asked Zane.

This was when I taught him what I learned in a recent photography class.  “At morning and evening the earth is filled with orange light.  It has to do with physics you see, the angle at which the sun’s rays hits the earth.  If you don’t believe me, just look at the golden leaves on that poplar tree.  Or watch how the brush along the water’s edge looks warm to the touch.”

Later that day the four of us took a canoe ride.  We were a mile out into Squam Lake when the boys got restless and nearly tipped the canoe.  I chose to laugh at the time but warned if it happened again I would drop them off on the raft 20′ from shore for a time out.  Turns out they preferred their raft time and soon discovered raft wrestling.  I was amazed at their ability to hold each other in a head lock and balance that close on the edge and yet never fall in.  “But that was the whole fun mom!”

We were across the street from Squam Lakes Natural Science Center.  We had just come from a local fair with rides, games and festivities in neighboring Sandwich so I was shocked to see the boys more engaged here.  It wasn’t just the mountain lions or bears that were mere feet from us in man made habitats, but the well thought out exhibits that held their interest.  A pair of owls flew down and sat on the window ledge and seemingly peered through us.   It was too bad the river otters were napping when we arrived but we are not sure how with all the racket the coyotes were making a few habitats over.

Kai got to demonstrate his sailing skills he learned this summer to Mark on the sunfish and all three of them enjoyed kayaking together.  I made pumpkin flavored baked goods while listening to the acorns pelt off the roof from the trees above (this seriously happened.)  A stoic silence accompanies the crisp air here and if you are lucky you can hear the call of the loon.  We did not hear loons (one of the reasons I was excited for our stay) but I was pleasantly surprised at all else Squam Lake offered for fulfilling the boys minds with fall memories. “Mom we have to leave today?”  It seems time has not run out after all.

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