School Day Off


IMG_3451This past Tuesday morning we paused to pay  homage to our veterans, and a few special grandfathers, then set out to enjoy our Tuesday off.  Museums aplenty delight moms in the Boston area for mid week school days off and half days and I had a certain one in mind for my animal loving, meteor finding, insect inspecting boys.  It was the Harvard Museum of Natural History.  There was also a built in playdate with meeting their favorite cousin there too – goldmine!




The mineral collection rocked.  Hundreds of gemstones were encased to observe along with meteors that had landed on Earth.  That was a first for all of us to see.  I enjoyed the african animals more than the kids and we all reveled over the stick bugs.   My future army man enjoyed the ancient weaponry collection.



The campus courtyard allotted for certain architectural exercise that got all the willies out before our car ride home.  I couldn’t help but notice certain other galleries and museums nearby that could be a great treat for an upcoming half day.   See you again soon Cambridge!




Cheers and Enjoy,







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