SAULT New England





sault (soo:, su)  n.  A waterfall or rapids

SAULT New England (salt nu inglind)   n.  1.  A South End, Boston store providing males ages 18+ authentic, New England, (male-who-likes-to-take- care-of-himself-and-to-be-comfortable) clothing and goods.  2.  Where the on trend lumbersexual (a-Metro-sexual-who-has-the-need-to-hold-onto-some- outdoor-based-ruggedness,-thus-opting-to-keep-a-finely-trimmed-beard) shops




“You always have the PERFECT thing!” exclaims a customer during my visit at SAULT New England.  Philp Saul, the store owner, laughs politely with apropos humility.  It may just be that salt of the earth mindset (with lovely customer service skills) that helped this self-made, lifestyle curator build his brand in Boston’s South End. It is no easy feat climbing the retail ladder. Starting as a Stock Person at American Eagle to help pay his way through college, Philp later worked a full decade as District Merchandiser for Urban Outfitters. This experience helped him master brand building know-how by watching his employers evolve, expand, stagnate, reinvent or devolve.

How does one stay ahead in the retail game?  If Ralph Lauren has anything to say about that it’s by selling a lifestyle, not a product.  This Philp has done and done well.  One peek at his Tumblr page (where he cultivates a moodboard for his design inspiration) won me over enough to trek forty minutes in the rain just to see it firsthand.  I was nervous approaching 577 Tremont Street, as I was about to ask an oh-so-chic shop owner for an interview looking like a drowned rat, but it was all of the essence upon opening the door.  Even my steamed up glasses.

Cross the threshold into SAULT New England and enter into pine scent, urban beats and warm wooden floors mixed with cozy flannels, hooded sweatshirts and woolen pea coats. The result leaves you asking two questions.

1. Did I just return from a hike in the Maine woods with Grampa?
2. Where can I buy New England clothes and proprieties to relive that?

The clothing lines and accessories (even the dog collars) are handpicked and well thought out.   Brands include Jack Spade, New England Shirt Co. and Penfield flannels. There is a display of Unbranded denim, Loyal citizen T’s and Alternative hoodies.  Fidelity Sportswear pea coats of Everette, MA are both top sellers and a shining example of well made, New England- based products.

Revel in the comfort of being a man or evolve past hipster into a lumbersexual (you know you want that long, scruffy beard too) and make SAULT New England a shopping priority on your next South End jaunt.

Cheers and Enjoy,





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