Beating Those March Doldrums

IMG_3772There is no denying it, our beautiful snowy winter is dreary and grey now.  The snow banks are sooted and New England’s April showers, although they bring those May flowers, linger around the corner.  Also, my quaint little seaside town has its own oddity in early Spring.  Our ocean currents change for the next several weeks, bringing arctic cool sea breezes along with ice chilled waters.  The crisp freshness is lovely, but oh so very raw.


This bit of town information was told to me once by a local on my way back from an April afternoon beach walk.  I have not fact checked this, making the English major in me cringe, but who am I to mistrust town lore?  Besides, there have been times where I am shivering in my home in early Spring while chatting on the phone (no New Englander, I repeat, no New Englander puts on the heat in April – they grab their LL Bean sweater to layer up instead) with someone living only an hour west where they were hot and sweating (even their dog was panting in the background).  There we have it, proof.

So it’s bare down and bum up time in New England and if we want some solace we must create it ourselves.

IMG_3401 To keep our heads above the doldrums (or raise our frequency for those in the chakra know) K and I baked pretzels. We dazzled them up with Easter sprinkles too. I winged this one and to my surprise the dough rose, the sprinkles didn’t burn and the salted, sweet, brightly colored tops fulfilled some much needed sensory input. K was in awe over what kneading dough felt like.  We both decided the aroma of freshly baking pretzels must be a top ten scent.   And biting into a warm, lightly salted, Spring-colored sprinkled, freshly made pretzel?  Well, that made the bitter March day all but a distant thought.


Cheers and Enjoy,


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