Nahant to Start the Day Off Right




Wanderlust hit hard this a.m. but with a big ‘to do’ list for the day I had only a small window to explore.  Wait, let me try that again . . .  Procrastination hit hard this morning as I thought ahead to the list of mind numbing housework I had to do, so after school drop off I found myself heading over Nahant’s causeway with my camera in tow for a brief excursion.

I used to drive around this island a lot when the boys were little.  Being in and of itself an island there is a constant ocean view to appease and very little traffic to distract.  There are even a few streets where you drive down a steep hill that surely has you falling right into the sea until you crest the hill and see the road continue on safely.  Baby Z used to really freak out on these roads.  “Momma we’re going to fall!  Momma we’re going to get all wet!”   So I later only took these thrilling side streets if Baby Z had fallen asleep while I was driving.  There are endless places to explore but almost no parking ANYWHERE, and I certainly don’t blame the island’s residents for keeping their town shall we say, inaccessible.  However, this only motivates me more to figure out how to see it all.  I cannot wait until this summer to bike with K all over this place.  We will park at Nahant Beach, wear our bathing suits under our clothes, pack a lunch and ride off to 40 Steps Beach for a picnic and a swim.





But a summer bike and swim excursion is far off now as the snow banks along the beach were reminding me.  So it was a quick photo grab here and there and a chat with some locals that like me had the time to share with someone who had time to share.  When people find that I take pictures for a site about coastal New England life they love to tell me their favorite places to go or memories of times and places passed.   Winthrop is now on my list to see and what was it, Deer Isle?

I also found myself almost offering to bike with my new coffee acquaintance this summer up to Gloucester from Lynn as none of her 60 year old friends were interested and I have also been looking for someone to bike with me there but remembered that this is exactly how I get myself into precarious situations at times, so I sipped my cappuccino and listened intently instead.   Besides  now that we had finally all come to agreement that parenting was the HARDEST job in the world it was time to get on with our days.  I surprisingly found myself motivated to tackle laundry and finger prints on cabinets highlighted by Spring sunlight and the many toilets that smalls boys have used hastily, so it was back over the causeway for me.




Cheers and Enjoy,




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