Cape Porpoise with Purpose

IMG_4114 IMG_4120 IMG_4117We were as strapped as the night is dark but with a very few important things.  We had a baby with another on its way, a home in a seaside town with a  train to a major city and a core belief that our maverick, we-will-not-submit-to-mass-conciousness way of thinking would justly reward us.  It whispered to me often, ‘follow your passion the rest will unfold.’   This ethos of ours was tested “Why are you not going into finance/consulting/law?” and tested, “Why did you move there and not town X, Y and Z?” and tested, “Robs, it’s like one day the whole company could go under or I could walk home a millionaire.  It’s insane.”  Ah yes, this probability of simultaneously being homeless and a millionaire yet always socially ostracized went on for years.  So what does a woman passionate about being home to raise her babies do under such circumstances?  Well, if she is in New England, she takes day trips and explores.

This is how I stumbled upon a humble home in Cape Porpoise, ME.  It was modest with that simple yet sturdy quietude found only in “The way life should be” state.  It was ramshackle and small and likely abandoned.  It was on a tidal marsh and unattainable and so I fell in love as women do with things they cannot have.  With so much risk in our lives I told myself not to take on more and therefore never went through with putting a letter in the mailbox asking to please contact me if they were to ever sell.

IMG_4118 IMG_4112The next time I could wrap my head around driving to Cape Porpoise it had been scooped up, sold and beautifully renovated by a handsome male couple.  Actually I don’t know if a handsome, gay couple lives here.  It was just my brain going to that all or nothing place and telling me all things unattainable must have been involved.  Unattainable thing  #1 – this beautiful cottage with new, red-sliding, barn door.  Unattainable thing #2- Intelligent, creative, handsome, gay men (that I may or may have found myself falling for pre-marriage.)*

After being in Kennebunkport for a baby shower this weekend I am happy to say that just like that happy little cottage, the area of Cape Porpoise is enjoying its own renaissance.  Pier 77 is alive and well thanks to Kate with her coastal chic meets San Francisco vibe.  Goat Island Light’s charm still beckons and I was delighted to stumble upon Farm + Table (pronounced farm plus table).  It is in its 7th week of business in a reno’d barn.  At first I thought it was a restaurant, and then a jam making factory and then when I fully walked in I realized it was actually heaven.  Here is where I met Brant and Liz Andrews, Farm + Table’s owners who have recently relocated from South Carolina and are also ‘following their passion while the rest unfolds.’IMG_4063 IMG_4128 IMG_4130 IMG_4138

Visit Cape Porpoise.

Shop at Farm + Table.

See “the way life should be.”


Cheers and Enjoy,



*Like that time when I worked for a web development startup and could never get the intelligent, handsome Creative Director to acknowledge me, especially as I struggled with a tray of sandwiches being brought to a launch party for our prize client.  I had just battled getting out of a cab with no help from him and into CBS’ Black Rock and now was hastily being told “Oh, and after you put the sandwiches down, please give a quick speach congratulating everyone.’   Oh my god, he could have mentioned this on the 25 minute cab ride up here.  That was it.  I was so over this Creative Director (even if he was Australian) and murmured so under my breath.  To which a nearby coworker replied, “You do know he’s gay right?”  No actually, I had no idea.  So I replied, “Yes of course” and in a New York minute channeled my embarrassment into a swift yet congratulatory toast.   “Who would have ever thought a show about adults stranded on an island competing against one another would be this successful.  Congratulations on Survivor.”  We call this ‘grace under fire’ K and Z.  Take note, it is AS important as winning at sports.



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