Enjoying the ‘All That Isn’t’ in Truro

Screenshot 2015-07-05 21.30.19(photo from homeaway.com)

I kicked off my summer with a trip to Truro on the Cape.  I have a few little known secrets about this tip of the Cape enclave.   Those dunes on the bayside covered in thick kelly green, beach grass never used to look like that.  They used to be deep yellow, with no grass and reminiscent of the Sahara (as in the above picture.)  And  those “Keep off – Beach Erosion” signs never used to be here either.  I also might be why they are.  As a child during our one week stay with my parent’s college friends and their kids we always came to Truro.  We used to sprint down the grassy trails to the top of the beach dunes.  We would then dive roll off the edge, crashing and rolling all the way to the bottom.  It was like being in a bath of hot, sea-sand.  What wonders we knew when mass amounts of sand cascaded down with us, on us and around us.  We did this several times during our annual week of summer bliss to Truro, that is until the erosion signs appeared.*

IMG_4114We were without TV or radio or anything flashy during this week.  We had our bikes, a sunfish, each other and Truro’s sunsets to content us.  Here is another secret.  When your ears are occupied by the chirp of peepers, your eyes the windswept grass and your skin the ever-present Truro breeze, your mind comes to a frequency that I call ‘enjoying the all that isn’t’.  Yogi’s could practice years for such solace.

IMG_4209 IMG_4199Most of my stays were uninterrupted from this bliss.  That is until a people with a certain other frequency started appearing.  There weren’t many of them but they sure stood out.  You could not miss them with their impatience, aggressive grimace and ever dissastified state of being.  They needed a fix, a distraction, an opportunity to dominate and justify that there is not enough.  Enough what?   Money, time, attention?  Who knew, but you best stay clear.  Their energy was contagious and just like that your yogi ohm could be snuffed out.IMG_4196

It was confusing to me as a child and I can only imagine what it would be like to service such high-need-for-control alphas when you are a store owner here.  Especially when your store is a lux version of any other outer Cape, well… anything.  Which is why I asked if I could speak with the store owner of JAMS (est 1987).

Located in the town center of Truro, JAMS is a proprietor of the finer things for your stay.  Gourmet coffee, prepared salads or sandwiches, groceries and the all important Truro merch.

After a quick “Yes, that’s fine” I excitedly followed store owner Avé around asking her a myriad of questions.  What are those three dots on the hat? “Oh that’s karma, the good kind.”  replied an employee.  “See, I put Truro on the back” added Avé.  But of course! Avé totally gets it, Truro = karma the good kind.

Is it fulfilling to run such a store in such a place?  She was quick to matter of factly clarify the expense it is to get fresh goods out here and then the reality of having to toss them a few days later (unsold salads tossed daily.)  She was equally as quick to state her love for what she does is seen most in the returning and loyal customers.  Especially the customer who recently exclaimed he knows he is on vacation when he has his JAMS prepared sandwich.  Her eyes misted upon sharing this making mine mist too.  Here was another Truro vacationer ‘enjoying the all that isn’t.’

Truro is not for everybody but if you come you needn’t bring a thing.   Just be sure to leave your ohm stealing frequencies at home.

Cheers and Enjoy,

*I would like to take this opportunity to apologize to the town of Truro for our erosion of you during the years of 1981 -1987.


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