Holiday Gift Guide: #ShopSmall #ShopLocal

1. The Salty Cottage Pillows –  Beverly, MA.  They’re cozy, handmade and New Englandy.  Buy them locally at Streetwater & Co. in Marblehead and Beverly Farms, or nationally at West Elm.Screenshot 2015-12-08 09.45.13


2.  Stowaway Sweets Sampler Package  I have lived on the North Shore now for 8 years and have continually heard amazing things only about Stowaway Sweets  of Marblehead.  Last week I finally tested out their sampler pack and let’s just say they tasted ‘Queen Mary and White House approved.’

Screenshot 2015-12-08 18.43.15


3.  Powell & Mahoney Handcrafted Cocktail Mixers  I love a clean cocktail and Powell and Mahoney so surely fits the bill.  I discovered them this past fall at the House of Seven Gables annual Taste of the Gables and was moved from ‘pleasantly surprised’ to ‘politely shocked’ after a taste test.  All natural, not too sweet, essential oil laden, and Vermont born.  I’m now a Powell and Mahoney lifer.   Their product can be found locally at Shubie’s, nationally at Target or all up in my cabinets.



4.  Lark Hotels – It’s no secret that I have a crush on boutique hotel chain Lark Hotels.  Lark combines both my love of New England and my love of top quality interior design resulting in a full sensory relaxing stay.  They are expanding to Californina now and that’s OK too because if I weren’t traipsing about New England, I’d be chillin’ in Cali.


5.  HausWitch of Salem Spell Kits  – Because being slightly psychic leaves me ‘a lot aware and slightly stressed’, I now have HausWitch of Salem which leaves me full on grounded.  This place gives me (and apparently a zillion other energy readers) clarity and peace.  Cleanse your home after a prolonged guest stay with their “Ohm for the home” house made product (think sage stick and then some) or add a “Graces” tincture to your tea to calm your nerves.  But know at all times white witches are recharging in here so they can go out there and clear that energy.

Screenshot 2015-12-04 19.11.00


Happy Holidays,


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