Miami is Calling, Come and Let Out Your Inner Tiger

Miami is Calling, Come and Let Out Your Inner Tiger

“Urban alchemy”¹/ lifestyle curating/ integrating art into everyday life, all of this I love.  I also love that New England has stayed true to its European roots resulting in things like the beauty of Nantucket or our areas coveted “charm” But there is beauty on the opposite end of this spectrum that is causing quite … [Read more…]

A Nourishing New Year with Beau’s Juicery & Co.

A Nourishing New Year with Beau's Juicery & Co.

It’s a new year people (almost). It’s also a great time to make a commitment to positive change. Need help with this? Allow me, Beau’s Juicery & Co. cold pressed, monthly juice cleanses Don’t do this for weight loss, do it for clarity and energy. Or as Beau’s Juicery & Co. owner Elizabeth Randlett of Gloucester recommends … [Read more…]

65MIDDLE – Enhancing Gloucester’s Art Scene

65MIDDLE - Enhancing Gloucester's Art Scene

I first met Elizabeth at a Gloucester pop up event where she was showcasing her cold pressed juices from her self started Beau’s Juicery & Co.  (head over heels delicious btw and stay tuned for an upcoming blog post.)  While chatting with her I soon realized this girl packed some serious girl power.  Think – Creative … [Read more…]

Sassy Succulents of Lynzariums

Sassy Succulents of Lynzariums

Need a last minute holiday gift idea?  Here’s one.  Wait for it. . . a . . .   Lynzarium by Interior Designer Lyndsay Maver of Hudson Interior Designs. Lynzarium – [lin-zair-ee-uhm):  A combo of maker’s name Lyndsay and the word terrarium).  Also, a custom-made piece of living art using found natural elements, a variety of vessels and a range of plants. … [Read more…]

Swedish Holiday in Your New England Kitchen – with a dash of HALSA

  You are the company you keep which is why when I met Swedish born, New England raised, Ivy grad (with-a-Masters-in-Nutrition-and-Public-Health) Maria Adams, I knew I wanted to get to know her.  I was also 90% sure she was a Boden model and just ‘going Swede’ and not talking about it.  So while teaching her how … [Read more…]

Holiday Gift Guide: #ShopSmall #ShopLocal

1. The Salty Cottage Pillows –  Beverly, MA.  They’re cozy, handmade and New Englandy.  Buy them locally at Streetwater & Co. in Marblehead and Beverly Farms, or nationally at West Elm.   2.  Stowaway Sweets Sampler Package  I have lived on the North Shore now for 8 years and have continually heard amazing things only about Stowaway … [Read more…]