Public Transit Living

Swampscott, MA train station (Photo Credit I have always appreciated public transportation.  I even used to collect my used transit cards as a token to it.  Be it NJ PATH cards, NYC Subway cards, MTA monthly train passes, NJTransit Bus passes, Boston T passes, all of them I never threw away, but kept in a shoe … [Read more…]

SAULT New England

    sault (soo:, su)  n.  A waterfall or rapids SAULT New England (salt nu inglind)   n.  1.  A South End, Boston store providing males ages 18+ authentic, New England, (male-who-likes-to-take- care-of-himself-and-to-be-comfortable) clothing and goods.  2.  Where the on trend lumbersexual (a-Metro-sexual-who-has-the-need-to-hold-onto-some- outdoor-based-ruggedness,-thus-opting-to-keep-a-finely-trimmed-beard) shops   “You always have the PERFECT thing!” exclaims a customer during … [Read more…]

Nantucket’s TownPool Pop Up Shop

    Rustic, casual, time-worn, authentic . . . TownPool. If you made it to Nantucket this summer, chances are you went to TownPool.  If you went to TownPool, chances are you fell in love and connected with them socially.  If you connected with them socially, chances are you look forward to their daily, benevolent, beauty- inspired … [Read more…]