Public Transit Living

Swampscott, MA train station (Photo Credit I have always appreciated public transportation.  I even used to collect my used transit cards as a token to it.  Be it NJ PATH cards, NYC Subway cards, MTA monthly train passes, NJTransit Bus passes, Boston T passes, all of them I never threw away, but kept in a shoe … [Read more…]

SAULT New England

    sault (soo:, su)  n.  A waterfall or rapids SAULT New England (salt nu inglind)   n.  1.  A South End, Boston store providing males ages 18+ authentic, New England, (male-who-likes-to-take- care-of-himself-and-to-be-comfortable) clothing and goods.  2.  Where the on trend lumbersexual (a-Metro-sexual-who-has-the-need-to-hold-onto-some- outdoor-based-ruggedness,-thus-opting-to-keep-a-finely-trimmed-beard) shops   “You always have the PERFECT thing!” exclaims a customer during … [Read more…]