Nantucket’s TownPool Pop Up Shop

    Rustic, casual, time-worn, authentic . . . TownPool. If you made it to Nantucket this summer, chances are you went to TownPool.  If you went to TownPool, chances are you fell in love and connected with them socially.  If you connected with them socially, chances are you look forward to their daily, benevolent, beauty- inspired … [Read more…]

Squam Lake NH

    There is not much time left where my boys will be interested in a weekend getaway with their parents (and no technology) to a humble cabin on Squam Lake.  I know this as much as I know the sensory engrossment nature brings may not engage them for much longer.  Friends and activities will … [Read more…]

Boston Design Market 2014

This week I attended the Boston Design Center’s (BDC) Boston Design Market.  Self described as “the Boston Design Center’s reimagined Fall Market capstone event,” the design center was abustle with industry greats.   Showrooms were filled with passersby taking in the highlighted product of this season.  Design authors were signing books.  Keynote speakers were informing the … [Read more…]